SS Diagnosis, Prognosis and Resilient Control for Industrial Systems

Tianci Zhang received the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, in 2018, where he is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering.His research interests include machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, and intelligent fault diagnostics of rotating machinery.

Paper GF004995 -Performance analysis of in-vehicle distributed control systems applying a real-time jitter monitor.

Short CV –Alexandre dos Santos Roque

Alexandre S. Roque has Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Member of the Research Group in Control, Automation, and Robotics –GCAR, UFRGS. Researcher during his PhD at University of Stuttgart, Germany (Winter 2018/2019) at the Institute of Industrial Automation -IAS. Master degree in Production Engineering -Industrial Automation from Federal University of Santa Maria -UFSM (2010) and Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Regional Integrated University, Brazil (2005). Research areas focused on embedded systems, digital systems, vehicular communication protocols and distributed real-time control systems.

Short CV for the presenter Ilias Panagiotopoulos

Ilias Panagiotopoulos is currently a PhD candidate with the Department of Informatics and Telematics, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece,since September 2016.He has received his bachelor degree and his PHD in Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering from the University of Patras (UoP), Department of Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering, Greece.His recent research interests include the adoption of new transport technologies such as Automated Vehicles (AVs) by users, as well as the design/development of cognitive management systems and in-vehicle intelligent transport applications for enhancing the end-user acceptance of AVs. His writings include more than 10 articles -publications in total in scientific journals and conference proceedings in the scientific areas of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle Automation. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

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