TT Intelligent Finance – II

Yumeng LI
PhD candidate

Reaches of the Yangtse River, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Chongqing 400067, China

Research Field: Applied economics, Financial economics, Business administration

Zhihong Huang received the B. Eng. degree in Computer Science in 2020, from Sichuan University, Sichuan, China. He is currently working toward the M.Sc. degree in Computer Science at the University of Macau, Macau, China. His research interests include Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning


Chen Deqiang,male, born in February 1965, Chongqing, Ph.D. in Management Science, Associate Professor and master supervisor of the School of Management Science and Real Estate of Chongqing University (since from 1997), researcher of the Institute of Advanced Studies of Chengdu University,PhD supervisor and deputy director of China Intelligent Financial Collaborative Innovation Center, guided more than 110 graduate students (master’s and doctoral students), graduated from the Accounting Department of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Bachelor of Economics (1980), Master of Engineering in Building Management and Management, Building Economics and Management, Chongqing Jianzhu University (1990), Ph.D. in Management Science, Management Science and Engineering, Chongqing University (1999) ). Dr. Chen has published more than 100 papers, published six special works, and has undertaken more than 10 national and provincial research projects, and won more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial awards.

Xiliu Man received the bachelor’s degree in management with honor from Tongji University, Shanghai, China, in 2017,and reveived the master’s degree in computer science and technology from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2020. Her research interests include financial sentiment analysis and stock return prediction. She has published the IEEE ICPS conference paper Financial Sentiment Analysis (FSA): A survey.

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